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What is SideStream?

SideStream is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product that helps business owners leverage their expertise, experience, and authority in their vertical to create a significant secondary income stream – resulting in higher multiples upon exit as well as a strengthening of the core business.

Experts tell us that by 2025, 80% of intent-based marketing will be platform driven; meaning every business must either: 1) pay to be on someone else’s platform, or 2) become the platform owner. Which would you prefer?

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SideStream Case Studies



  • Stem cell platform
  • Over $270k
  • 4000+ leads / month

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Regenerative Medicine

  • Doctor platform
  • 500+ client referrals
  • $13,500 in first month income

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National Distribution Co.

  • Retail product
  • 1000+ leads / month
  • Income not disclosed

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  • Local market reps
  • 2000 leads in first 4 months
  • Top sales records

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Medigap Insurance

  • Nationwide brokerage
  • National sales
  • $1M+ in revenue

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Most frequent questions and answers

what is the process ?

First, we custom-build a platform specifically for your vertical – a platform designed to provide leads and online authority to every user that participates. Then you go out and sell participation in your platform to every business that needs it, hopefully one in every zip code (there are over 42,000 in the US)! You set the price they pay to participate, based on your knowledge of your own industry, and we split the profit. You are essentially partnering with us to start your own tech company.

What kind of ROI can i expect ?

Your long-term ROI should be around 4-6x, if not greater, depending on the vertical. One of our platform partners has seen upwards of 30x.

Can i bring other experts in to share the cost ?

Absolutely! You can bring in multiple experts as founding members to share the cost and increase the long-term benefits. We can show you a path to launching your own Software-as-a-Service tech company with zero out-of-pocket cost to you.

How long does it take ?

The good news is that we can have the platform built and running in under 90 days; the better news is that we can start pre-enrolling to generate revenue as quickly as day 1.

How many competitors are in the ecosystem ?

We work exclusively with one expert or one group of experts per vertical, to ensure complete fairness and exclusivity to all our business partners.

What happens if someone wants to purchase our platform ?

We expect that to happen someday, as your business builds and revenue increases. At that time we will determine together, as business partners, whether it’s the right decision or not, and will likewise share in the upside. However, we reserve the right of first refusal to pay fair market value for the platform before offering it to an outside buyer.

Don’t let this unique opportunity pass you by.

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If you’re looking for an opportunity that offers virtually unlimited expansion, no inventory to deal with, increases the value of your core business, offers a sidestream of income that could literally outpace your original business, and can change your entire financial trajectory, please call us today!

Start Your Own Tech Company

Do it before your competition does.

We pledge to only partner with one expert per vertical, in order to maximize profitability and protect our partners.


We provide exclusive leads for your niche to maximize success for all participants.


Virtually unlimited inventory! The only thing holding you back is not doing it!


The software as a service industry pays up to 12x multiples, the highest exit strategy possible.

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